‘I’m Filled with Plastic – I get a Backache From My £40,000 Fake Breasts and I Get Constantly Stared At By Jealous Women, but I Love My Look

Paige British, a 28-year-old model from Cheshire, proudly declares herself as being “filled with plastic” after undergoing a remarkable 14 surgeries, including spending £40,000 on enhancing her breasts. This bold transformation, as well as making headlines, has sparked debate on societal perceptions and the choices individuals make in changing their appearance.
Last month, Paige ventured to Los Angeles, USA, investing £17,000 in a procedure to elevate her cup size from an H to an I, bringing her total expenditure on her aesthetic enhancements to an astounding £80,000.
Upon her return to the UK, Paige candidly shares that her augmented chest has become a subject of discomfort for others, particularly women, who, she claims, often cast envious glances her way. Paige, with a substantial Instagram following of 271,000 (@paigebritish), discloses that she faces relentless judgment as she navigates life, despite dressing modestly.
Addressing the scrutiny, Paige states, “Other women are threatened. They are just jealous. I dress rather modestly, too, but I can’t escape the judgmental glances and looks. And the people who have the gumption to say nasty comments online ask, ‘What have I done to myself?’ They tell me they are disgusted. But there’s always going to be haters, and I’m not bothered about offending anyone.”
Undeterred by the opinions of others, Paige, who recently recovered from her latest surgery, is already planning her next transformation. Her cup size, currently twice the UK average (DD), is a testament to her dedication to her chosen aesthetic.
Paige acknowledges the physical challenges that come with her augmented figure, noting, “I get back pain from them due to the size, but in my eyes, it’s all worth it. It’s like an addiction.”
Notably, Paige credits her husband for unwavering support throughout her transformative journey. She emphasizes, “My husband has always been a fan. He was with me before any surgery and has supported me the whole time, and loved me then and now.”
Paige, now the primary breadwinner, generates £80,000 monthly by sharing her bold images online. Her recent acquisition of a Ferrari symbolizes her success and financial independence.

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