Mary Carey Shares Her Extraordinary Journey From Hollywood Nights to Camming at Home

Former Hollywood party girl turned stay-at-home wife and cam girl Mary Carey has opened up about her extraordinary life, including her experiences rubbing shoulders with celebrities, posing for Hustler magazine, and even running against Arnold Schwarzenegger for government.

43-year-old Mary Carey, (@realmarycarey) now married to an ER doctor, shares the fascinating story of her transformation from a small-town dreamer to an adult entertainment superstar.

A Life Less Ordinary

Mary’s journey began with dreams of ballet stardom, but a medical setback led her to the world of stripping. After winning a strip club competition, she embraced the lifestyle and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21, where she encountered celebrities and began climbing the ranks in the stripping scene.

Eager to elevate her status, Mary transitioned into the adult entertainment industry, using it as a platform to enhance her dance career. Her foray into pornography proved lucrative, earning her $100,000 annually for six movies.

From the Playboy Mansion to Politics

A rising star, Mary Carey frequented the Playboy Mansion, meeting Hugh Hefner himself. In a bold move to boost her celebrity status, she ran for governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003, finishing 10th among 135 candidates. Her unique “porn and pistols” campaign garnered attention and catapulted her into mainstream fame.

Reflecting on the experience, Mary said: “It was so fun to learn more about our government and to see what support there was for me. I was fun, dumb, and full of fun back then, but my heart was in the right place.”

Life Beyond the Limelight

Despite the loss, Mary continued her vibrant career, touring clubs, making movies, and connecting with fans online. In 2017, she met her now-husband, prompting her to retire from the wild party scene. Although embracing a domestic life, Mary still engages with fans through camming, sharing saucy snaps, and cherishing the memories of her unconventional journey.

Mary Carey reflects, “The experiences I’ve had – to be on billboards and going to shows with a police escort and traveling the world – I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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