Vinylly: The Unique Dating App for Music Enthusiasts Now Available in the UK

Vinylly, the much-awaited dating app catering to music aficionados, has officially launched in the UK Apple App Store. The app, free for download with the option of in-app purchases for premium features, invites UK’s music-loving singles to join its growing community. Vinylly has made a notable impact in the US and Canada, garnering tens of thousands of downloads and positive feedback for its distinctive approach to dating based on musical compatibility.

The app’s premise resonates particularly with millennials and Gen Z, who consider shared music tastes crucial in relationships. Vinylly taps into the unifying power of music to facilitate connections between users with similar musical preferences, covering genres from rock to hip-hop.

Rachel Van Nortwick, CEO of Vinylly, expressed her excitement about the UK launch: “We are thrilled to introduce Vinylly to the UK marketplace. By combining the excitement of online dating with the power of music, we believe we have created a truly immersive and engaging experience for music lovers looking for a meaningful connection.”

Vinylly stands out with its user-friendly interface, offering features like music compatibility matching and the ability to share personalized playlists with potential matches. The app is a brainchild of Van Nortwick, inspired by her passion for music and its connective potential. She envisions Vinylly as an antidote to the superficiality of traditional dating apps, focusing instead on authenticity and genuine connections based on shared musical tastes.

Van Nortwick shared her philosophy behind Vinylly: “I have always thought a dating app should be substance over superficial. We focus on authenticity where users can be themselves and can easily connect with others using their music DNA, and that’s especially important in today’s world, where YPulse data shows music is the number one thing young people use to express themselves.”

Vinylly is set to expand its reach with an impending launch on the UK Google Play Store for Android users.

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