Two-Tabbed Beer Can Allows for Perfect Pours

A new beer can has been created that allows drinkers to pour the perfect pint thanks to its innovative two-tab design. Developed by the Japanese design studio Nendo, this can creates the perfect amount of bubbles for froth to develop, providing pint lovers with greater control over the amount of foam going into their glass.

When the first tab is pulled, the lid is slightly opened and pressure is applied to the can, allowing foam to form before pouring into the glass. The second tab opens the lid completely, enabling the beer to flow out without any bubbles.

According to Nendo, this design helps achieve the perfect liquid-foam ratio of 7:3, which is considered the golden ratio for beer. The beer head, or layer of foam, is essential for improving the taste of beer. The thickness of the foam acts as a lid, preventing the beer from coming into contact with air and preserving its aroma, flavor, and carbonation.

This two-tabbed beer can is a significant innovation that offers beer enthusiasts the ability to enjoy the perfect pour, even at home.

Sam Allcock

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