Social media influencer shares that she made spaghetti bolognese out of her own knee cartilage

Influencer Paula Gonu has revealed that she ate her own knee cartilage during a romantic dinner with her partner. The 30-year-old had to undergo an operation after sustaining an injury, and the doctor asked if she wanted to keep her meniscus. Paula, who has over two million followers on Instagram, said yes and later cooked it into a spaghetti bolognese dish. She made the revelation during an interview on the Club 113 podcast on YouTube.

During the operation, Paula had a local anaesthetic and watched on a screen as the doctor operated through two holes. She explained, “He used a camera. He explained everything to me as he operated.” Paula agreed to take the cartilage home and the doctor put it in a small container with alcohol so that it would stay fresh for as long as Paula wanted.

Paula said that a week later, she was joking with her partner about the knee cartilage, and she decided to add it to the spaghetti bolognese. She said, “I wanted to be able to say in my head that I’ve eaten a piece of my own meniscus.” The influencer defended her decision by saying that people eat bones, cartilage, and body parts of worse animals.

However, some of Paula’s followers did not agree with her decision to eat her own knee cartilage. One fan from Italy commented, “I’m an Italian near Bologna. How did you put the meniscus in the ragu?” Another fan said, “My stomach hurt. Now it hurts even more. Thank you.” Some of Paula’s followers even found her act disgusting. One follower joked, “I once ate a booger,” while another said, “If it’s mine, yes, I’d eat it, but from another person, no way. Disgusting.”

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