Genie AI Revolutionises the Legal Industry with its Advanced Legal Editor, Aiming to Dethrone Microsoft Word’s 40-Year Reign

Genie AI, the AI legal assistant based in London, announces a groundbreaking solution for drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and finalising complex legal documents with the launch of its upgraded advanced legal editor.

The necessity for an alternative to Microsoft Word has never been more evident:

  • 56% of lawyers spend more than three hours daily using the software (Source: Epinion)
  • Microsoft Word has been in use for 40 years since its release in 1983, making it a long-standing tool for lawyers.
  • The number of lawyers using non-Windows platforms has doubled in the last five years (Source: ABA)
  • Although cloud-collaboration tool SharePoint offers real-time internal collaboration capabilities, lawyers struggle with red-lining and face ambiguity regarding document control.
  • Lawyers have concerns about losing control when sharing Word documents with counterparts, as hidden changes can be surreptitiously introduced.
  • Microsoft Word Extensions provide additional capabilities, including AI, but these plugins often cause document crashes.

Reflecting on the history of Microsoft Word, Genie AI’s Co-founder and CEO, Rafie Faruq, remarked, “Farewell, Typewriter; welcome, Genie AI! Microsoft Word was never intended to be a legal editor, and every lawyer has grappled with the frustrating formatting and numbering issues inherent in MS Word. We have prioritised creating a seamless and enjoyable editing experience by incorporating AI-assisted features that address real legal challenges.”

Unlike many alternative document editors available today (such as Google Docs and Notion), Genie’s AI-Assisted Editor seamlessly imports advanced formatting from MS Word while preserving the formatting and styles utilised in the source document.

Andrea Rinaldi, In-house Commercial Counsel at Trainline, shared her perspective, stating, “As an in-house commercial counsel working in a fast-paced technology company, providing advice both in the UK and internationally, time and cost efficiency are always at the forefront of my considerations. It is disheartening to witness legal professionals still relying on outdated technology for sharing, collaborating, and negotiating legal documents. It is time to upgrade our tools.”

To experience the advanced legal document editor from Genie AI for free and access a vast collection of open-source legal templates, visit

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