Viral Sensation: Photographer Showcases Incredible Sushi Art with Real Food

A talented photographer and sushi chef, Yujia Hu, has taken the internet by storm with his viral images and videos showcasing stunning sushi art created from real ingredients such as salmon, rice, and seaweed.

Yujia, who discovered his passion for sushi at the age of 18 while working at a family restaurant, began experimenting with the traditional Japanese dish to create surreal and artistic objects. His creations include a Nike Air Max trainer made entirely from fish and sushi meals adorned with Prada logos and designs.

With the encouragement of a friend, Yujia started sharing his unique work online, amassing a dedicated following of over 48,000 fans who appreciate his unconventional artistry.

“My creations are inspired by my passions, such as basketball, art, movies, food, and shoes,” said Yujia, now 34, in an interview with “My skills are the result of hard work, and I rely on the steadiness of my hand and the creativity of my mind. I envision the final result before I begin crafting with my hands.”

Yujia frequently shares his sushi art on Instagram (@theonigiriart), where he recently posted photos of his “shoeshi” creations, using rice as the base and filling, salmon as the shoe color, and cut seaweed paper for intricate designs. The post garnered numerous likes and enthusiastic comments from admirers.

In another video, Yujia showcases his expertise by seemingly cutting into a strawberry, which is revealed to be a cleverly crafted piece made from salmon, sushi rice, and wasabi. The clip, titled “Riceberry,” has gained almost 9,000 views, with viewers praising Yujia’s attention to detail and creativity.

Yujia’s sushi artistry extends beyond footwear and fruit imitations. He has fashioned a North Face jacket using rice, salmon, seaweed paper, and soy sauce, as well as created sushi pieces featuring the Prada logo and Pokémon characters.

For aspiring artists interested in replicating his unique creations, Yujia shares his secret tools: a knife, small scissors, and a tiny bamboo stick for intricate details. The duration of each creation varies depending on the complexity, ranging from 15 minutes for a “shoeshi” to four hours for more elaborate designs.

Yujia also emphasizes minimizing waste, noting that he sometimes repurposes the same piece of fish to avoid unnecessary food wastage. His dedication to his craft and sustainability has captured the imagination of sushi lovers and art enthusiasts alike, making him a viral sensation in the world of sushi art.

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