Vikki Jackson of Marula Hill Travel Secures Esteemed Award from LUXlife Magazine

Vikki Jackson, who co-runs Marula Hill Travel, has been honoured with the Best Boutique Safari Agency 2024 award by LUXlife magazine. This accolade acknowledges the unparalleled safari experiences provided by Marula Hill Travel and celebrates Vikki’s remarkable transition from Manchester in the UK to the African wilderness. Vikki’s fascination with Africa began at the tender age of eight following a humorous mix-up between an olive and a grape, igniting a lifelong passion for the continent. This passion eventually led her to establish Marula Hill Travel, a travel firm dedicated to delivering bespoke and luxurious African safari adventures.

Vikki remarked: “Winning this award is a heartfelt honour celebrating Marula Hill Travel’s mission to share Africa’s soul-stirring beauty and diversity with the world. Marula Hill Travel specialises in custom-designed safaris and travel experiences across Africa, and its recognition by LUXlife’s Travel & Tourism Awards highlights our commitment to excellence in providing unforgettable experiences for its clients.”

Sian Loehrer, Vikki’s business partner and co-founder of Marula Hill Travel, noted: “Vikki’s story is about embracing change, pursuing passion, and breaking boundaries. Her transition from a corporate career with IBM to entrepreneurship reflects a bold leap of faith and a commitment to following her heart. As a woman entrepreneur thriving in the safari industry, Vikki inspires many, proving that creating a successful and impactful business grounded in passion and respect for nature is possible.”

Marula Hill Travel stands as a beacon of exploration and bonding. The accolade from LUXlife magazine serves as a catalyst for them to further innovate within the realm of opulent African travel. Vikki Jackson’s narrative from her origins in Manchester to establishing a profound connection with Africa epitomises a tale of fervour, adventure, and triumph.

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