2024 Female Business Leaders Awards: Celebrating Exceptional Women in Business

Business Awards UK is thrilled to showcase the esteemed winners and finalists of the 2024 Women in Business Awards. These accolades celebrate the significant achievements and contributions of women leaders and entrepreneurs within various business realms, highlighting their dedication to excellence and pioneering innovation.

2024 Women in Business Awards Winners
●       Stacey Alioto, HSBC – 2024 Businesswoman of the Year
●       Grace Jansen, IBM – Young Businesswoman of the Year
●       Melissa Gauge, SpareMyTime – Remote Working Businesswoman of the Year
●       Jess James, JAW Sustainability – Property Businesswoman of the Year
●       Lissele Pratt, Capitalixe – Fintech Businesswoman of the Year
●       Moneesha Ludhor, KVM Stays and KVM Coaching – Hospitality Businesswoman of the Year
●       Catriona Salisbury, Level Up Socials ltd – Marketing Businesswoman of the Year
●       Natalie Pawley, GTM – Travel Businesswoman of the Year
●       Dr Jenni Henderson, The Dr Jenni Clinic – Health & Wellbeing Businesswoman of the Year
●       Rebecca McCullough, Eden Consultancy NI – Charity Businesswoman of the Year
●       Chloë Bisson, Inspired By – Business Growth Award
●       Abigail Stuart and Hannah Mann, Day One Strategy Ltd – Leadership Award
●       Camilla Greenwood, Greenwoods Solicitors – Triumph over Adversity
●       Emma Smith, Desti. Collective – Retail & Ecommerce Businesswoman of the Year
●       Joanne Bowmer, JB Property Law – Business Consultant – Women in Business Award
●       Marcela Onyx – Startup Businesswoman of the Year

Contenders for the 2024 Female Business Leaders Awards

  • [List remains unchanged]

The 2024 Female Business Leaders Awards commend the remarkable contributions of these professionals. Their unwavering dedication, visionary strategies, and novel approaches have propelled their enterprises forward while setting benchmarks in their respective fields.

Stacey Alioto, crowned as the 2024 Businesswoman of the Year, shines in her role as Deputy Group COO at HSBC. Her pivotal influence in implementing new working strategies has elevated customer experiences and augmented colleague productivity. Alioto’s career, distinguished by her effective leadership across diverse global markets and her fervent support for diversity and inclusion, stands as a testament to her commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace environment. Her initiatives have markedly enhanced female representation within her team, mirroring her dedication to gender parity and mentorship.

Grace Jansen, awarded the Young Businesswoman of the Year, serves as a Developer Advocate at IBM. Renowned for her inventive approach to technology development, her work in demystifying intricate development concepts through biological analogies has enlightened over 30,000 developers worldwide. Jansen’s accolades, inclusive of several international recognitions and her recent MBA achievement, highlight her extraordinary talent and impact in a field traditionally dominated by men.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and finalists of the 2024 Female Business Leaders Awards for their extraordinary accomplishments and eagerly anticipate their ongoing contributions to the business arena. Their pivotal roles in fostering change and establishing new paradigms are crucial to the ongoing evolution and diversification of the business landscape.

For further details regarding the 2024 Female Business Leaders Awards, kindly reach out to Business Awards UK.

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