Balenciaga rips off customers by selling teapots for an astonishing £615

Balenciaga, a popular fashion house, is selling a plain white porcelain teapot on its website for a staggering £615. The nine inch tall teapot has the Balenciaga logo on it, and it comes with matching tea cups and saucers. However, the pair of cups costs an additional £370, bringing the total cost of the set to £985. The cups also have the Balenciaga logo with a blue trim. Both the teapot and cups are listed under the “Women’s objects” range on the website, and they have the words “Hotels and Resorts” underneath, which is a made-up chain.

Despite the high cost, the good news is that both the teapot and cups are suitable for the dishwasher to clean and microwave to warm up tea. The “Tea Pot in White” has a 900ml capacity, which is enough for four cups of tea from the 220ml “Tea Cup in White”. The website listing for the products also mentions that it is a “Ginori 1735 collaboration” and “100% porcelain made in Italy”.

Balenciaga is a trendy brand that is worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Man City ace Jack Grealish. However, it faced a global backlash in November 2020 after using kids in its ad campaigns holding bondage teddy bears.

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