Edinburgh Eco Startup and Luxury Pet Brand Join Forces to Tackle Plastic Pollution

Project Harmless, an Edinburgh-based eco startup, announced an exciting collaboration today with Stocky & Dee, a renowned luxury pet accessory brand known for its handmade products in Leith, Edinburgh.

The two Edinburgh-based businesses have united to raise awareness about the pressing eco-issue of over 10 billion harmful dog waste bags used in the UK each year.

Last year, Project Harmless introduced the innovative Harmless Poop Bag, crafted from medical-grade and water-reactive material. These bags can quickly break down in landfills and oceans, setting them apart from conventional poo bags made from recycled, degradable, biodegradable, or compostable materials.

The recent support from the British Business Bank and Virgin Startup has enabled Project Harmless to build up their inventory after selling out last December. Co-Founder George Greer expressed, “Over 100 million marine animals are killed by plastics each year, but our bags pose no harm to wildlife as the same material is approved for human consumption if manufactured differently. Using our bags is a simple way for responsible dog owners to combat plastic pollution.”

Addressing customer feedback, George added, “While our customers have given overwhelmingly positive feedback, some inquired if we could create a pouch for ease during dog walking. The collaboration with Stocky & Dee allowed us to work with a local business to create a new line of high-quality dog accessories targeting eco-conscious dog owners.”

The bespoke houndstooth pattern Harmless Poop Bag pouch costs £24 and can be easily attached to a colour-matching dog leash. Made of merino lambswool and cotton blend fabrics, these accessories exemplify both style and sustainability. The pouch is now available on the Project Harmless website.

Stocky & Dee, in addition to offering the new pouch, will introduce the Project Harmless solution to its increasing customer base worldwide.

Founder of Stocky & Dee, Mairi Robb, shared her perspective, saying, “The dog accessory market in the UK is flooded with poorly designed and mass-produced products that contribute to fast fashion, many of which are made from harmful plastics. At Stocky & Dee, all our products are handmade to order in our Leith studio, allowing us to focus on craftsmanship and minimize wastage by utilizing excess materials.”

“As a dog owner and a new parent, I am increasingly conscious of my choices, particularly when I reflect upon what the planet might be like when my son grows up. I am delighted that we can join forces with such an innovative Scottish startup to fight plastic pollution together,” Mairi added.

The collaborative efforts between these two businesses are continuing, with plans underway for designing further exclusive styles for the winter season. Together, they are making a meaningful impact on plastic pollution while offering eco-conscious dog owners stylish and sustainable options for their furry friends.

Sam Allcock

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