SML Group Launches Retail RFID and Label Solutions in the Middle East

SML Group, a renowned global provider of digital ID and label solutions, has announced the expansion of its business operations into the Middle East with the opening of a new location in Dubai.

This strategic move allows SML Group to bring its cutting-edge solutions to the dynamic and rapidly growing Middle Eastern market. By establishing a presence in the region, the company aims to support its customers in propelling their brands forward and seizing opportunities for growth.

Dubai, known for its thriving apparel and retail industry, is projected to experience significant market growth, expected to reach $3.2 billion by 2027. SML Group demonstrates its strong commitment to the region by being the first in its industry to establish a label and RFID solutions services location in Dubai. The company is dedicated to helping its customers thrive in this evolving market.

Ignatius K.C. Lau, CEO of SML Group, expresses his enthusiasm for this expansion, stating, “We are thrilled to solidify our presence in the Middle East with our new Dubai location. This is an exciting time for SML, and we believe this venture will play a pivotal role in our growth and success in the region.”

Having conducted extensive research and gained valuable experience in the Middle East, SML Group has already made significant contributions to the region. It has delivered 150 million RFID tags and successfully implemented Clarity® in over 100 stores. Now, with the establishment of a physical presence in Dubai, SML Group aims to further enhance its services and provide even greater value to its customers.

Lau adds, “Our new Dubai location is a natural progression based on our achievements in the region thus far. We are dedicated to serving our customers and have great optimism about the value and impact we can bring to them in the future.”

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