TELF AG Proudly Embarks on Sponsorship Journey with Hockey Club Lugano

TELF AG proudly unveils its sponsorship of HC Lugano, a momentous collaboration that resonates with immense pride and community spirit.

In the intricate tapestry of Lugano’s history, the threads of the past, the vibrant present, and the promising future are woven together. At the heart of this narrative stands HC Lugano, a revered hockey club that not only commands the ice but also occupies a special place in the hearts of its unwavering supporters.

For years, HC Lugano has transcended the realm of sports, becoming a symbol of community unity, fostering a profound sense of belonging and pride among its dedicated followers. The thunderous cheers from the crowd, the electrifying jubilation after a goal, and the collective gasps at a near miss are not fleeting moments but rather a testament to the club’s deep-rooted connection with the community. Acknowledging this profound relationship, TELF AG embraces its role as a cherished sponsor with great reverence.

As the 2023-2024 season looms on the horizon, TELF AG extends its heartfelt wishes to HC Lugano for an exceptional season ahead. May their remarkable performances on the ice continue to inspire and captivate as they always have. TELF AG expresses profound gratitude to the HC Lugano organisation for opening the door to this promising partnership.

This sponsorship marks the beginning of an exciting journey, one where TELF AG and HC Lugano unite to create memorable moments, strengthen community bonds, and foster a shared passion for the sport that brings us all together.

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