Is this woman ‘picky’? She reveals her lengthy list of requirements for potential boyfriends

An influencer named July Jinku has created a list of 54 requirements for her ideal future boyfriend, which includes some rather unusual requests, such as having a vasectomy and not following “sexy girls” on social media. The rules were shared on her Twitter account, @JulyJinku, and have caused quite a stir, with the post garnering over 415,000 views.

The demands are divided into three sections: “Top requirements,” “Second priority,” and “Extras.” Among the top requirements, the influencer stated that her future partner must want to spend his free time with her, give her gifts, and be intelligent. She also asks that he has good spelling, supports feminism and LGBTQ+ rights, and likes anime and video games.

In her second priority, she stated that her future boyfriend must not drink or take drugs, must have good culinary taste, not follow sexy girls on social media, and like Japan. She also wants him to get along with her family but not become close with her friends. The future partner must be between 25 and 35 years of age.

Lastly, in her “Extras” list, she stated that her ideal partner must have a car, tattoos and piercings, and should have a vasectomy. July would also like her future boyfriend to take pictures of her, compliment her, and want to bathe with her.

Many people commented on her list, with some seeing it as a red flag. One person commented that “having to get a vasectomy to date” was unimaginable, while someone else defended the list, stating that “you are never demanding if you ask for what you are willing to give.” Other comments included jokes about fulfilling the requirements and accusations of “daddy issues.”

The full list of requirements includes not wanting children, being dominant, wanting to spend free time together, being a protector and aware of her health, liking physical contact, having active communication and empathy, having good self-esteem, managing emotions well, being intelligent, supporting feminism and LGBT+ rights, not being a religious fanatic, liking to talk, trusting her, not drinking or taking drugs (weed is okay), sharing culinary tastes, knowing English, not following sexy girls on social media, not having girlfriends, getting along with her family, not becoming too friendly with her friends, not being depressive, having financial stability, supporting her in her streams, having healthy habits, being between 25 and 35 years old, being patient, liking how she dresses and encouraging her in it, having a good sense of humour, not being emotionally dependent or cursed, having a car, living alone, being handsome, having tattoos and piercings, being taller than her, not talking badly about exes, telling her stories, always wanting to take pictures of her, constantly validating and complimenting her on her physique and personality, liking to travel, wanting to comb her hair/bathe/eat/dress, not eating or hardly eating meat, not being toxic in video games, letting her paint his nails and dress him, having a vasectomy, and having a functional family and/or money.

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