Interior Wreaths Set to Dominate 2024’s Interior Design Scene

2024 will witness interior wreaths becoming a major trend in interior design, as more people look to incorporate natural elements into their homes. has shared insights on how to embrace this versatile home trend.

The move to bring nature inside is more than just a style choice; it’s a health choice, known to reduce stress and add vibrancy to homes. This is why interior wreaths are forecast to be a standout trend in interior design for 2024. Tom Yates, Director of TYSR Limited, the parent company of, comments:

“Indoor greenery has the power to delight and soothe. The versatile and unique nature of interior wreaths mean they can work in any space, whether on a wall, an internal door or used as a stunning centrepiece. The variety of styles and colours means they can suit any room. As they last far longer than freshly cut flowers, interior wreaths also deliver excellent value for money.”

Interior wreaths can remain fresh for over six weeks with consistent watering. A light spritz not only maintains their freshness but also enhances their aroma, perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Each wreath’s handmade character contributes to its appeal, ensuring uniqueness in every piece. A wide array of fronds, flowers, and foliage adds to their versatility as a decorative option.

For 2024,’s Tom Yates notes the current demand for specific hues:

“While we can suit a wreath to any room in terms of its colours, there is a notable appetite for lighter greens at the moment, as consumers seek to counterbalance the dreary winter weather, as well as for dark, soothing blue tones. Bright, bold flower colours are also a popular choice year-round, as they offset the grey skies in winter while delivering a delightful spray of colour that adds the perfect finishing touch to any dining table for summer entertaining.”

In addition to ready-made wreaths, also offers DIY kits for those interested in crafting their own. These kits include all necessary materials for creating a beautiful wreath.

With a predicted growth in the decorative wreaths market, as per Industry Growth Insight, DIY kits, pre-made, and artificial wreaths are set to be popular choices in 2024 and beyond. The market is expected to see a 4.5% CAGR growth from 2022, reaching £1.2 billion by 2030. Customers eager to embrace this trend can benefit from a 10% discount on their first purchase at

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