Rocketsmith’s ‘Heart Full of Hollow’ Initiative Amplifies the Conversation on Men’s Mental Well-being

Rocketsmith, the rock band hailing from Pickering, North Yorkshire, is making a powerful statement in support of men’s mental health with their latest campaign centered around their song “Heart Full Of Hollow.” Recently shortlisted for the UK Songwriting Awards, the song delves deep into the personal journey of lead singer Andy through a period of depression. Rocketsmith’s mission is to raise awareness, offer support, and inspire others who may be confronting similar challenges through their campaign.

Heart Full Of Hollow: A Song about the Journey to Overcoming Mental Health Challenges

“Heart Full Of Hollow” is a poignant song that explores a profoundly personal and relatable experience of Rocketsmith’s lead singer, Andy, during a challenging episode of depression. While Andy’s life may have appeared idyllic from the outside – a loving family, a flourishing business, a passion for music, and a robust social circle – internally, he was silently wrestling with his inner demons.

“One day, after a minor irritation, a switch flipped,” recalls Andy. “I felt SO low, I was drowning in my own thoughts. I had lost touch with reality, seeing myself as a burden and a failure.”

Without warning, Andy found himself on autopilot, embarking on a solitary journey that spanned many hours and eventually led him to a cliff edge overlooking a quarry. It was only the distant sound of emergency sirens that snapped him back to reality, prompting him to choose to fight the inner turmoil rather than surrender to its grip.

The Journey to Recovery: A Documentary of Hope

In an earnest effort to offer hope and support to others grappling with similar challenges, Rocketsmith has released a short documentary video chronicling Andy’s battle with depression, his path to recovery, and his unwavering commitment to living a better life, with the assistance of support and self-improvement techniques.

Andy’s story stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the potential for personal growth, and the critical importance of seeking help when faced with mental health difficulties.

Band Members Share Their Personal Journeys

Rocketsmith is comprised of four musicians, each of whom has faced their own mental health challenges and discovered solace in the realm of music:

  • Mark N: A devoted father of three, Mark N found his passion for music during his teenage years and discovered healing and personal growth through his musical journey. He now leverages his experiences to help others overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate a mindset for success.
  • Andy: A lifelong music enthusiast, Andy’s love affair with rock and roll ignited at an early age. He firmly believes in the power of music to connect, heal, and transform lives, and his journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.
  • Anth: Anth’s fascination with drumming began in childhood, and his dedication to music has remained unwavering. Music has served as both his passion and therapy, guiding him through the darkest moments in his life.
  • Mark H: Inspired by iconic bass players from bands like Yes, Iron Maiden, and Motorhead, Mark H found solace in playing the bass guitar. He has returned to the stage to create powerful music and connect with audiences.

Join Rocketsmith in Their Campaign for Men’s Mental Health

Rocketsmith extends an open invitation for everyone to join them on their musical journey and participate in their campaign for men’s mental health. Through the profound language of music and storytelling, they are determined to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health issues and provide a beacon of hope and support for those who may be in need.

To learn more about Rocketsmith’s campaign and view the documentary video, visit their website at Stay updated on their mission to make a difference in the realm of men’s mental health by following them on social media via

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