Exciting News: SA Group Presents Chronos Trading Limited

The SA Group takes immense pleasure in declaring the official launch of Chronos Trading Limited, which marks a significant step towards establishing a globally regulated fintech venture. This new enterprise materialises as a result of a collaborative effort with the masterminds behind the highly successful algorithmic trading system, ‘The Chronos Strategy,’ which was conceptualised back in December 2021.

Focusing solely on S&P 500 stocks, the most liquid marketplace in the world, The Chronos Strategy has impressively generated over 118% in returns during the year 2022, after accounting for all fees and charges, and that too without resorting to any leverage. Its risk management system ensures that only a fraction of the capital is invested in the market.

With the invaluable support of management consultancy and capital funding from SA Group, this exceptional strategy has now been transformed into an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) known as Chronos Trading Limited.

Jon Hammond, representing Chronos, spoke about this joint venture, stating: “Our experience in trading and regulated investments spanning 25 years has given us a clear vision of how to achieve significant risk-adjusted returns, always keeping a keen eye on capital preservation. The meticulous development of The Chronos Strategy over the past 5 years fills us with excitement as we embark on this journey with SA Group, aimed at creating a robust regulated business across continents.”

In this new partnership, SA will infuse £2.2 million in capital to acquire a well-established FCA-regulated business, boasting a successful track record of managing funds in the UK. Additionally, the business holds a full investment management license in the DIFC (the UAE equivalent of the FCA).

The vision for the next 12 months is to position Chronos Trading Limited as a global frontrunner in AI-driven fintech (Financial Services Technology Business). The goal is to build funds under management to the tune of £100 million from institutional clients by December 2024, resulting in annual revenues of £20 million and culminating in a market cap exceeding £100 million.

Chronos Trading Limited is actively seeking institutional partners with interests in trading and artificial intelligence. The aim is to garner support for its growth by attracting cornerstone investments and leveraging distribution capabilities in this uncharted realm of investment management.

Stuart Anderson, the esteemed founder of SA Group, expressed his enthusiasm, saying: “We have extensively researched international markets to identify investment opportunities that offer a genuine market differentiator and add tangible value to investor portfolios, be it institutional or private wealth. The exciting prospects of fintech in the rapidly emerging AI era have captivated our attention.”

Prospective individuals keen on exploring this exciting new opportunity are encouraged to get in touch with Chronos Trading Limited at Admin@ChronosTrading.co.uk.

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