Piers Day Initiates ‘Life Talks’ Podcast, Shining a Light on Mental Health

In an impactful move, Piers Day, a celebrated mental health coach, has launched the ‘Life Talks with Piers Day’ podcast. This pioneering series is tailored to support teenagers and parents through the complexities of stress, anxiety, and depression, weaving together personal anecdotes, expert advice, and actionable strategies to bolster mental wellness.

The series kicks off with a deeply engaging session featuring entrepreneur Jim Francis, where discussions range from childhood trials and parental separation to dealing with anger. This emotive dialogue highlights the necessity of supportive environments and open conversations in navigating mental health challenges. Piers is passionate about informing parents of the myriad of options beyond medication for their children’s mental health issues, promoting individualised coaching and support.

Additionally, Piers Day is at the helm of Icanstopyousmoking.com, a cutting-edge platform devised to aid individuals in quitting smoking. The site features a variety of tools, including hypnosis recordings, a comprehensive 3-module course, and a premium one-on-one session with Piers himself, available both in-person and online. A standout feature of the one-to-one session is the assurance of a free follow-up session should the individual resume smoking within six months, highlighting the confidence in this empathetic and effective approach that has already helped many clients conquer addiction.

Despite personal health challenges, Piers’s dedication to his cause remains steadfast. Currently on the mend from a heart condition, he is gearing up to be fully back in action by March, ready to assist students facing the stress of upcoming exams.

With a rich background in hypnotherapy, honed at the Cambridge College of Hypnotherapy and enriched by learning from eminent experts in change work, Piers Day is recognized as an authority in Hypnosis and NLP training. The transformative success experienced by his clients attests to the potency of his techniques.

One client shared a moving testimony: “Thanks for the help; I have realised the Orwell bridge is for driving over and not for jumping.” This feedback underscores the transformative power of Piers’s hypnotherapy sessions in combating suicidal thoughts. Another success story involves a youth previously troubled by intense anger, who now engages constructively with their parents and has shifted from receiving detentions to being awarded merits.

Piers Day is a proponent of exploring alternatives to medication, maintaining that “99% of people do not necessarily require medication to address mental health challenges.” His comprehensive approach to mental health encompasses hypnosis, meditation, and other therapeutic practices.

For service information, please reach out to piersday@me.com

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