“Feeding Success” Podcast Launched by Renowned UK Food Freedom Coach Hanna Longstaff

Hanna Longstaff, celebrated as the Food Freedom Coach for her trailblazing contributions to mental health and nutrition, has introduced “Feeding Success,” a new podcast series. This engaging platform is set to feature the stories and paths of elite performers from various sectors, including sports and business, while highlighting vital issues such as overeating disorders, dependencies on food, and mental health.

Longstaff, awarded the Best Start-Up Business by Big Business Events, infuses “Feeding Success” with her knowledge and fervour, aiming to reshape the dietary habits of a million individuals. She draws attention to the widespread, yet often concealed, challenges related to food, along with the associated feelings of secrecy and remorse.

“Many people are silently trapped in a cycle of overeating, using work as a distraction from underlying issues,” Hanna Longstaff clarifies. “This detrimentally affects their mental health and confidence, ultimately undermining their overall well-being and productivity.”

Longstaff underscores the profound impact these issues have on both individuals and organisations, advocating for enhanced support from employers. “Over 25% of the workforce struggles with significant food- and body-related dilemmas, drastically influencing their mental health and concentration,” she observes. “This aspect of employer responsibility is commonly overlooked.”

To tackle these critical issues, The Food Freedom Coach presents tailored solutions designed to accommodate the distinct demands of various organisations. Through hosting free weekly coaching sessions on Eventbrite, she strives to equip individuals with the tools to manage their eating habits and foster improved mental and emotional health.

Longstaff’s strategy is supported by the following crucial statistics:

  • 64% of UK adults are overweight, with 26% being obese (source: UK Government, 2022).
  • 55% of adults with obesity are prone to depression (source: JAMA, 2010).
  • Roughly 3.4 million people in the UK, or 5% of the workforce, suffer from serious eating disorders, with more than half affected by disordered eating (source: priorygroup.com).
  • Research indicates that satisfied employees are 12% more productive (source: University of Warwick, 2021).
  • Industry leaders such as Salesforce acknowledge the significance of coaching in promoting mental health and enhancing productivity and profitability.

Through “Feeding Success,” Hanna Longstaff seeks to initiate meaningful dialogues, raise awareness, and effectuate positive change in the fields of mental health and nutrition.

For more details on “Feeding Success” and the life-changing coaching services provided by Hanna Longstaff, head to www.mindfoodbodycoach.com or book your spot at the next free online support meeting: www.eventbrite.com/e/the-food-freedom-club-weekly-coaching-tickets-778952326377

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