Christmas Enthusiast Opens £25,000 ‘Selfie Land’ Following Success of Her Gingerbread House Display

After gaining attention for her real-life gingerbread house last Christmas, Carmen Croxall, a 36-year-old mother from Devon, has unveiled a new venture: ‘Christmas SelfieLand’, a festive-themed selfie warehouse.

Carmen, who made headlines last year by transforming her rented home into a Christmas wonderland, has furthered her festive passion. Her latest project, ‘Christmas SelfieLand’, is a decorative warehouse filled with holiday-themed sets and props.

The display, costing £25,000 and created with the help of a 40-person team over 14 weeks, includes a ‘Narnia’ inspired snowy forest, a ‘toy town’ with giant nutcrackers, a Christmas tree made of toys, and a North Pole post office among other attractions.

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The idea for ‘Christmas SelfieLand’ in Exeter stemmed from the popularity of her home display last year, where Carmen recalls cars lining up to take pictures. Her business, The Prop Factory, was crucial in bringing her vision to life.

The warehouse, designed with sustainability in mind, features primarily recycled materials and offers 20 ‘selfie stations’ across two floors. Highlights include the Chocolate Factory Gates, a Giant Gingerbread House, Candy Corner, a ‘Gonk Gathering’, and a ‘make believe machine’ crafted from recycled industrial scrap.

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Last year’s home decoration was a mix of admiration and criticism. Carmen recalls an instance of a neighbour’s landlord expressing disapproval alongside negative online comments. However, many people loved the display, and Carmen reassured that she had her landlord’s permission.

Her TikTok video showcasing the gingerbread house transformation went viral, attracting nearly 600,000 views and 69,000 likes. Despite this, Carmen has decided to limit this year’s extravagant decor to her warehouse, citing the substantial time and effort involved in last year’s home decoration.

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Carmen, a mother to four-year-old Arlo and a teenager, explains, “The biggest cost last year was time. Material-wise, it was around £600, with 70% being recycled. This year, I’ve channelled my energy into building SelfieLand, so my house won’t be decorated.”


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