‘Until I opened up my relationship, I didn’t realise how fun sex could be – me and my boyfriend are stronger than ever even though he gets jealous’

Influencer Jasmine Teaa has candidly shared how embracing an open relationship has strengthened her bond with her 27-year-old boyfriend – as well as elevating her sex life.
Jasmine Teaa, renowned for her online presence with over 483,000 Instagram followers (@jasteaa), initially turned to sharing sexy content online to supplement her income while in college. Recently, she made headlines for revealing her side gig to her parents and navigating their initial disapproval.
Despite the initial challenges, the 26-year-old influencer credits her boyfriend’s unwavering support for helping her through the journey. Her boyfriend, who remains unnamed at the request of the case study, not only assists in creating her content but also embraces the open dynamic of their relationship, contributing to the improvement of their own intimate life.
“I’ve had to have lots of talks with him and take a step back to go through these emotions of jealousy,” Jasmine said. “It’s all about trust, and while it’s normal to have these feelings, we’ve been able to work through them. Jealousy is no longer a problem.”
Jasmine met her boyfriend at a rave in May 2018, and on their first official date, she disclosed the nature of her career, deciding that if he wasn’t comfortable with it, they would part ways. Fortunately, he not only accepted her choices but actively participated in supporting her endeavors.
“We’ve tried bondage, which was very exciting, and having sex with other people,” Jasmine revealed. “It’s brought our relationship to a healthy level in so many ways, and we’ll always try something out at least once.”
The couple’s willingness to explore and experiment has led to a thriving relationship, where boundaries are established and respected. Jasmine emphasizes that communication, trust, and a mutual commitment to growth have been integral in overcoming initial hurdles.
Jasmine, who earns an impressive $1 million (USD) (£817,000) per year, highlights the positive impact on her family life as well. Initially disapproving, her parents eventually came around, witnessing their daughter’s happiness and success.
“Looking back, I would tell myself that while it’s hard right now, things will get better,” Jasmine reflected. “It was difficult to navigate, as I had to figure it out all on my own, but now I feel empowered.”
As Jasmine continues to thrive in her career and relationship, she encourages others to embrace their authentic selves and explore the possibilities that lead to personal growth and fulfillment.

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