Chilling Incident: Professional Mermaid Entrapped Underwater in Mall Aquarium

In a startling event, a professional mermaid performer was caught in an underwater predicament in a shopping centre aquarium while entertaining visitors.

Gabriela Green-Thompson, known for posting videos of herself gracefully swimming in a mermaid costume in Cresta Shopping Centre’s tank in Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, experienced a frightening ordeal in her most recent footage. The video, showing her trapped moment, has rapidly spread online, attracting over 4.5 million views and leaving viewers stunned.

The footage reveals Gabriela swimming at the bottom of the aquarium and interacting with the audience. However, trouble arises when her mermaid tail becomes entangled in a synthetic coral piece as she attempts to ascend.

Struggling to breathe, Gabriela ultimately removes her tail and makes her way to the surface.

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Explaining the incident to, Gabriela, who has embraced the mermaid persona since 2022, remarked, “My tail got snagged on coral, so I had to make a swift decision to self-rescue and ditch the tail.”

The harrowing close call has left TikTok viewers in shock.

Mrs N expressed, “The anxiety I felt watching that! Relieved you’re safe.”

Emi noted: “That experience must have been terrifying!”

Rae praised her: “1.) You’re stunning 2.) Remarkable quick thinking for safety.”

Another admirer commended her composure: “Impressed with how you managed the situation.”

Ali chimed in: “So relieved you’re unharmed! You looked fabulous!”

One follower shared their reaction: “Watching you struggle was panic-inducing. Thank goodness you’re alright.”

Shay complimented: “You’re an exceptional swimmer.”

Sylvia added: “Relieved to know you’re safe.”

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