Viral Sensation: Blind Kitten with a White ‘Beard’ Rescued and Set to Regain Sight

An endearing blind kitten sporting a tiny white ‘beard,’ has taken the internet by storm after being rescued alongside his sister. Remarkably, veterinarians believe they can restore his vision.

BamBam and Pebbles were discovered wandering the streets of Los Angeles at a tender age of just three weeks, both in a severely malnourished condition. After a brief stint in a local shelter, they found refuge with cat foster mom and yoga teacher Jamie Horgan in September of this year.

Documenting their remarkable journey on Instagram (@thekittensfoster), these felines have skyrocketed to social media stardom, amassing a following of over 49,300 devoted fans.

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“Bamm Bamm was born blind due to a congenital disability and a near-fatal infection that threatened his eyesight,” shared Jamie Horgan, a 40-year-old resident of Los Angeles, with

“Due to their condition and age, both Bamm Bamm and his sister were categorized as ‘end of the day,’ signifying that the shelter would euthanize them by the day’s end unless a rescue intervened.

“I decided to rescue them from the local shelter.

“When I first brought them in at four weeks old, they were the size of two-week-old kittens.”

Horgan took the kittens to the veterinarian, where Bamm Bamm received two antibiotics to combat the eye infection.

She explained, “Within a week, it became apparent that Bamm Bamm could detect some movement, but his eyes still had a white film covering them.

“Now, his vision has improved to around 75%.

“The remaining cloudiness is congenital and cannot be removed, but he can see quite well now!

“Both Bamm and Pebbles are adorable and gentle kittens. They relish being held and instantly start purring when you pick them up. They’re playful and friendly, melting into your arms when you hold them.”

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A video clip of the kittens shared on Instagram has rapidly garnered over 23,300 likes and numerous heartfelt comments.

One individual remarked, “Precious babies! Thank you for taking them in and providing the love and care they need.”

Shary added, “Oh my goodness, I love you Bam Bam! I hope you get well soon, but even if not, you will always be happy and loved.”

“In love!!! So precious! Sending them love, light, and purrs!” expressed Ricky.

“Aw, I want them both!!” wrote another admirer.

Kirsten chimed in, “Aww, beautiful Flintstones babies.”

One person noted, “Oh my. His perfect little touches of white amid all that silky black.”

Sandy commented, “Beautiful whiskers, sweetie, and a charming chin.”

“I swear, Bamm has a long white goatee! At first glance,” quipped another observer.

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After six weeks, Bamm Bamm’s eyes have considerably cleared, and he and Pebbles have found their forever home with a loving family.


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