‘I used to earn $11 per hour working long shifts at KFC – now I’m earning six figures aged 23’

Xxlayna Marie, a 23-year-old model, shares her inspiring story of perseverance, transformation, and success in a remarkable journey from working at KFC frying chicken in a small town to earning a six-figure income.
Xxlayna Marie’s story began at the age of 17 when she worked grueling 16-hour days at KFC, earning $11 per hour. Her determination to break free from the cycle of long hours and envision a better life kept her motivated. After facing challenges, including teenage struggles with alcohol and being kicked out of her home, Xxlayna decided to take control of her destiny.
Eager to improve her financial situation, Xxlayna worked as a forklift driver at a homewares distribution center, but her journey took a significant turn after unemployment. She decided to leverage her confidence and share her journey, posting saucy photos online, which led to the rapid growth of her social media following.
Xxlayna’s account gained attention not only locally but also from modeling and adult work agencies. The financial opportunities that followed allowed her to realize the dream life she had always imagined. Embracing a new mindset, she invested in herself, sought rehabilitation for alcohol abuse, and adopted positive daily habits.
In November 2020, at the age of 20, Xxlayna entered an alcohol rehab center, committing to sobriety and focusing on building her future. Today, she resides in Las Vegas, living the dream life she once fantasized about, surrounded by bright lights and big opportunities.
Reflecting on her journey, Xxlayna expressed gratitude for the support received and the ability to support her family. She plans to save and invest in property while aspiring to start a non-profit to aid those dealing with alcohol abuse in the future.
Xxlayna’s story is one of triumph over adversity, proving that with determination and a change in mindset, anyone can turn their life around.

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