Couple Swaps UK Property Dreams for a Life Sailing the World

Zach and Becka, a couple formerly from Swansea, have boldly moved away from the UK’s expensive property market, choosing to sail the world in their boat. Tired of the relentless property ladder climb, the 27-year-olds recently sold most of their possessions to embrace life at sea.

Their global journey has taken them to places like Gran Canaria and even Antigua despite their limited experience in sailing. “I grew up dinghy sailing, and Becka learned at university, but we had never sailed a bigger boat until the year we bought ours,” Zach shared with Omio. They also completed their RYA day skipper qualification and relied on YouTube to supplement their skills.

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Initially, the couple considered van life but didn’t want to be restricted in their travels. Although hesitant to forgo the security of home ownership, they craved true freedom. Becka reflected, “As much security as there is in getting on the housing ladder and paying into a mortgage, the thought of that sent us running. We knew we wanted to see the world, and of course, we could have bought a place and rented it out, but we wanted true freedom.”

Their seafaring life hasn’t been without challenges. From being asked to leave a marina during a storm just days after buying their boat to close calls with a cargo ship and catamaran and even being caught in a gale across the English Channel, they’ve faced their share of adversities. “On the Atlantic, we had a rough middle week with really high winds and big waves, but this only works to show what you are made of,” Becka stated.

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To afford their 40ft sailing boat, Teulu, which cost £30,000, they worked long hours while completing their degrees and sold everything they could, including Zach’s car. Living in a shared house and maintaining a strict budget were part of their strategy. “It’s as simple as keeping your overheads low and selling everything that won’t join you on the boat while working as hard as you can and spending wisely,” Zach explained.

They enjoy their newfound freedom at sea and plan to cross the Pacific Ocean next year. Becka advises those contemplating a similar lifestyle to get as much sailing experience as possible and learn about different boats and weather conditions. She mused, “Maybe one day we will live back on land – it’s hard to tell. But our motto is if we are enjoying [ourselves] right now, then we keep going, so it doesn’t seem like that will be anytime soon.”


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