Embracing Natural Beauty: Why I Quit Botox and Encourage Others to Do the Same

Lucy Baker, a 47-year-old self-proclaimed “geriatric mum” from Lincolnshire, is sharing her journey of quitting Botox injections and encouraging others to embrace their natural beauty. Lucy had been getting injectables, specifically Azzalure (commonly referred to as Botox), in 2022 to achieve a more youthful appearance. Initially, she admitted to feeling a “thrill” from these treatments. Still, after spending £1,000 on them, she started questioning why she was trying to look younger instead of embracing her natural ageing process.

Lucy, a mother of three gaining attention for her unconventional school-run outfit choices, gave up the expensive beauty habit and normalised ageing for other midlife mothers.

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She explained, “I could either pay for more injections, skin boosters, fillers or accept that my face is my face and embrace it.” Lucy realised she was succumbing to societal pressure to erase her natural wrinkles. She had been concealing her Botox treatments for fear of judgment, all in an attempt to project an image of flawless beauty.

During her Botox journey, Lucy spent approximately £220-£250 per session for four appointments, targeting three areas each time, totalling £940. Many of her friends were also getting Botox. She was motivated by the desire to address the frown lines between her eyebrows and a perceived need to appear smoother and more youthful in videos and photographs for her coaching work.

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However, after quitting the injectables, Lucy feels more like herself and no longer has a “frozen face.” She believes that her excellent skin and her makeup skills as a trained makeup artist are sufficient. She has no intention of going down the path of further cosmetic procedures.

Lucy emphasised that she doesn’t judge those who choose to get cosmetic work done. Still, she hopes that more people will feel comfortable embracing their natural appearance and that society will stop stigmatising wrinkles.

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She stated, “Confidence comes from the inside, and this is what women should work on for a better life. Embrace the face!”


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