Mum Shares Insight into Co-Parenting Arrangement with Ex-Husband and New Girlfriend

Linda Fruits, a 33-year-old mother from Sunrise, Florida, US, has opened up about her unique co-parenting arrangement with her ex-husband and her new girlfriend. The “modern family” made headlines earlier this year when Linda revealed that she asked her former partner, Christopher Haerting, to father her new child. The couple welcomed their son Arlo in May, nearly two years after Linda ended her marriage to Christopher. Linda, who realized she is a lesbian, met her now-girlfriend Maddy Gross in November 2021, and she moved into the family home six months later. Christopher now acts as a father figure alongside the two mothers, creating a three-person parenting team under one roof.

Linda shared insights into how they navigate their dynamic and split parenting duties. “Deciding what role we each take on every day with parenting and around the house changes depending on who’s working, who needs a break – and who feels like cooking!” Linda said. They maintain fairness through open communication and understanding, and having three parents instead of two provides extra support. Linda emphasized the value of having more hands to help with parenting.

Linda also shared a glimpse of a typical day in their unconventional household on Instagram. The routine involves Maddy and Linda taking the night shift, while Christopher takes charge of getting the children ready for school in the morning. They divide tasks throughout the day, including meal preparation, laundry, childcare, and school runs. Linda highlighted the benefit of having three parents in one house, such as the opportunity to spend quality time with each child individually.

In an interview after Arlo’s birth, Linda expressed that the family is doing great and the boys are excited about their new sibling. They share a deep bond with Arlo and frequently express their love for him. Linda emphasized the flexibility of their arrangement, adapting day by day to meet everyone’s needs. They also have the support of a grandmother when additional assistance is required.

Linda’s story highlights the possibilities of unconventional family structures and the importance of open communication and shared responsibilities in successful co-parenting relationships.

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