Patrons Criticize Seating Arrangements at Tom Kerridge’s Upscale Eatery

Patrons of Tom Kerridge’s high-end dining establishment have expressed dissatisfaction over being required to sit on bar stools rather than at tables.

The Coach, a Michelin Star-awarded pub in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, offers main dishes priced upwards of £30.

However, this has kept some customers from voicing their displeasure at having to dine perched at the bar rather than enjoying the comfort of a table.

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The menu’s priciest item is the Whole Stuffed Rotisserie Quail with Toasted Barley, Smoked Bacon, and Dordogne Butter, priced at £32.

Another notable dish is the Cold Aston Estate Partridge with Game Demi Pie and Blackberry Ketchup, costing £30.

The Roasted Cornish Seabass with Artichoke, Garganelli, Chicken and hazelnut Jus Gras is available for seafood lovers for £29.00.

The starter’s list features the £20.50 Deep Fried Cod with Tartare Sauce and Pease Pudding.

Dessert options include a Mango and coconut Choux Bun with Pineapple Rum Sauce, priced at £12.50.

Consequently, a three-course meal, excluding beverages, can amount to £65 per person.

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A representative for The Coach commented, “Take a seat on our bar stools and engage with our chefs and bar team, who are always eager to offer a warm welcome.”

The restaurant’s website states, “We accept bookings for lunch and dinner on the same day. Please be aware that our bar stools can be reserved via phone.”

One patron, Des, shared his experience: “I visited with my partner for breakfast. We noticed several unoccupied tables and a few bar seats. Upon arrival, we were promptly directed to the bar seats as we were a party of two. We requested a table with more space but were informed that these were reserved for larger groups.”

Des continued, “To my frustration, shortly after, three couples were seated at individual four-seater tables. This negatively impacted our experience at The Coach, unlike our previous visits to the Hand and Flowers. Mr. Kerridge, this approach does not foster customer satisfaction. The bar stools, fixed to the ground and uncomfortably close to the bar, added to our displeasure.”

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Another customer, commemorating an anniversary, remarked, “We were initially guided to bar stools for our lunch. Although reseated at a table upon request, we found the food, though tasty, to be overpriced given the ‘tapas’ sized portions. We were advised that two to three servings per person were necessary. We’re unlikely to return. Mr. Kerridge, while the food is commendable, the value for money is questionable.”

A third customer, Matt, noted, “We booked a bar space for our 25th wedding anniversary. The food and service were outstanding, particularly the mussels and pork chop. However, my bar stool was slightly tilted forward, which became uncomfortable over time.”

Nonetheless, some patrons enjoyed the unique setup. Andrew, for instance, said, “We had two bar stools directly in front of the kitchen, allowing us to witness the cooking process, which added a theatrical element to our dining experience at this esteemed Michelin-star restaurant.”

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The Coach is one of eight restaurants under TV chef Kerridge’s ownership.

Three weeks prior, Kerridge faced criticism for raising the price of his home-cooked Christmas dinner to £215, a £20 increase from the previous year, despite lacking traditional items like turkey and roast potatoes.

Last month, Kerridge also drew criticism for increasing the price of his luxury fish and chips offering at Harrods.


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