Affluent Family Seeks £50,000-a-Year Nanny with Unique Responsibilities, Including Toy Auditing

An affluent couple is looking for a nanny, offering a generous £50,000 annual salary, with responsibilities that extend beyond traditional childcare duties.

The couple, both occupying senior professional roles, require assistance in managing the daily routines of their three children, aged six, eight, and ten. This includes nine-hour workdays involving post-school care and supervision during school holidays.

The position, based in the upscale Highgate area of North London – a neighbourhood favoured by celebrities like Harry Styles, Kate Moss, and Liam Gallagher – combines the roles of a nanny and a personal assistant (PA).

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The successful candidate will prepare nutritious dinners for the children, ensure they practice good table manners, aid with homework, and engage in play and arts and crafts activities.

However, the role extends to PA duties, which include administrative tasks such as creating spreadsheets to streamline household management.

One unique aspect of the job is conducting regular audits of the children’s toys, clothes, and shoes, replenishing them as needed.

Working hours are set from 10 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday, with the family keen to fill the position as soon as possible. The vacancy is advertised through Eden Private Staff.

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The job description highlights the need for a personable, organized, and adaptable candidate with experience in creating documents and spreadsheets. The ideal nanny/PA should possess a calm and systematic approach, value discretion, and communicate effectively with primary school-aged children. A strong emphasis is placed on safety awareness.

From 10 am to 3 pm, PA duties include:

  • Performing online research.
  • Organizing information into spreadsheets.
  • Managing online purchases for household and business supplies.
  • Overseeing travel plans and bookings.

From 3 pm to 7 pm, the focus shifts to childcare, including school pick-ups, homework assistance, engaging in play or crafts, preparing dinner, bathing the children, and getting school bags ready for the next day.

Candidates must have a DBS check, two to three years of relevant experience, a valid driving license, and proficiency in computer and cooking skills.


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