Stepson of Hamish Harding Finds Solace in Music Amid Tragedy

The stepson of British billionaire Hamish Harding, who is currently missing on the Titanic submarine, has faced criticism for his choice to attend a Blink-182 concert as a means of coping with the ongoing tragedy.

Brian Szasz shared a photo outside the concert venue in San Diego, California, US, acknowledging that some may find his presence there distasteful. However, he expressed that his family would want him to enjoy the music of his favourite band during difficult times.

Following backlash, the post has been deleted, but on other social media platforms, Szasz has spoken about the band’s role in helping him navigate challenging situations. In an Instagram post, he stated that Blink-182 has been a source of support since 1998 and defended his decision to attend the concert, emphasizing that he couldn’t simply sit at home watching the news.

On Twitter, Szasz shared his emotional state, mentioning his stepfather’s situation on the lost submarine while expressing devastation. He hoped that attending the concert in San Diego would provide him with hope and cheer during these trying times.

Hamish Harding is one of the five individuals aboard the submersible that lost contact with its mothership near the Titanic wreckage site early on Sunday. As the search for survivors nears its conclusion, rescue workers have reported signs of life.

Online users have criticized Szasz for his perceived insensitivity in sharing his concert attendance. Some expressed disappointment in his choice of activity given the circumstances, while others questioned why he felt the need to inform the public. The stepson’s posts have generated mixed reactions amidst the ongoing tragedy.

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