97-Year-Old Woman’s Witty’ Secrets to Life’ Go Viral on TikTok

A 97-year-old woman’s humorous take on longevity has captivated audiences on TikTok, thanks to hairdresser Brittany Gannon, 32, who shared her client Julia’s cheeky insights.

Julia, from Blackhawk, California, became an internet sensation with her tongue-in-cheek comments, amassing 1.2 million views and 216,000 likes on the platform.

In a viral video, Brittany inquires about Julia’s “secret to living”, to which Julia humorously responds with reluctance about her prolonged lifespan and disinterest in witnessing future events.

Julia responded straightforwardly when asked about her diet and exercise routine: she never indulged in gym sessions, exercises, or any particular diet.

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“I just lived a normal life,” Julia states, proudly declaring her nonconformity to popular health trends.

Her candid remarks and dark humour struck a chord with TikTok users, leading to amused and admiring comments.

Fans praised Julia for her authenticity and humour, with comments like “Julia is a vibe” and “our honest queen.”

Others admired her approach to life, noting how she “just lived” without following dietary or fitness fads.

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Brittany, who sees Julia weekly at her local salon for hair maintenance, shared that Julia has expressed surprise at her longevity, especially after the passing of her husband.

Julia, who enjoys her son and family’s company, is known for her blunt sense of humour during her salon visits.

The video highlights Julia’s philosophy of stress-free living, a sentiment echoed by many TikTok users who aspire to emulate her approach to life.


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