“Cheap Mum” Shares Money-Saving Tips for Halloween Celebrations

Charlotte Deering, a self-proclaimed “savvy spender,” has shared her money-saving tips for Halloween celebrations to help parents navigate the holiday without breaking the bank. Charlotte, who previously made headlines for planning her wedding for less than £2,000, has become known for her frugal approach to various aspects of life.

With the rising cost of living, Charlotte offers practical advice for hosting a budget-friendly Halloween party, which she claims has saved her at least £80. Her tips include:

DIY Decorations: Charlotte encourages creativity by decorating everyday household items rather than buying new, wasteful items yearly. She suggests using bin bags or paper to create spiderwebs and involving children in crafting.

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Costume Swap: Keeping Halloween costumes simple and reusable is Charlotte’s strategy. Kids can swap costumes with friends or siblings or reuse costumes from previous years. She also recommends checking charity shops for affordable costume options.

Bring-Your-Own: In light of rising food costs, Charlotte suggests asking guests to bring their contributions to the Halloween party. This not only reduces the financial burden on the host but also minimizes food waste.

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Charlotte shares her money-saving tips on her Instagram account (@themoneyferret) and has successfully reduced her Halloween expenses from over £100 to £20 or less. She emphasizes the importance of creativity and resourcefulness in making Halloween enjoyable without overspending.

Charlotte concluded, “Just look around your house, and you’ll be surprised at what can be made into something special for free.”

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