Cat-alystic converter! Man discovers kitten holding onto car’s undercarriage after six-mile journey – and adopts it

A man from Buenos Aires, Argentina, was surprised to find a kitten clinging onto his car chassis after a six-mile journey. Nacho Serritella heard strange noises coming from beneath his car while driving and pulled over to investigate. To his surprise, he found a wide-eyed kitten staring back at him from inside the engine. The ginger feline had been holding onto the car chassis for the entire journey, from Carlos Spegazzini to Ezeiza. The incident was recorded and uploaded to Nacho’s TikTok account, where it went viral with 5.9 million views.

Followers were quick to comment on the video, with many admiring the kitten’s adorable eyes. In several follow-up videos, Nacho explained that he adopted the kitten and named him Morty, as suggested by several followers. He also posted a clip of Morty traveling in the car with him, joking that it was his second time in the car but the first time he was inside. Nacho’s heartwarming story has captured the hearts of social media users worldwide.

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