Woman suffers from excruciating pain and popping blisters due to extremely rare eczema triggered by an allergic reaction

Ceira Lennon, a 40-year-old mother from Glasgow, has shared her harrowing ordeal of suffering from an extremely rare form of eczema that causes “excruciating popping blisters”, triggered by an allergic reaction. Lennon has battled with “debilitating” eczema since childhood and avoided certain products and activities to keep her condition at bay. However, after giving birth to her kids, now aged 11 and 9, her skin began to clear until February 2022, when her fingers began to blister, bleed, and pop.

Lennon shared her story to help others and raise awareness of the “life-threatening” symptoms related to her condition. She said if left untreated, infections can take hold and cause gangrene or sepsis, which can be life-threatening. She said her condition has turned her whole life upside down and has been “a year of total hell”.

Lennon’s eczema used to be triggered when she suffered an allergic reaction to harsh chemicals, such as in washing powder and certain types of makeup. In her business crafting keepsakes for weddings and funerals, Lennon works with various materials, including inks, cement and most commonly, epoxy resin, which has since been confirmed as an allergy of hers and the cause of the flare-up.

Lennon was prescribed steroid creams and placed on a waiting list for treatment, but her condition continued to worsen. She’s suffered numerous infections, which have seen her become immune to antibiotics, and while she’s undergone phototherapy, her battle is far from over.

Lennon hopes she can help to raise awareness by sharing her story and that others going through a similar situation will find the root cause of this endless battle. She added that it’s taken all her independence away from her, as she’s unable to drive, put her keys in the door, or perform basic tasks for her children, and she’s worried this will never go away. However, Lennon remains positive and determined to get back to the work that she loves. She’s encouraging others to push for treatment and find the root cause as soon as possible.

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