Living near a nudist beach reduces house prices by £16,000, study shows

A study has found that living near a nudist beach can knock £16,000 off the price of a house. The study looked at the home values of properties located close to 39 of Britain’s most popular naturist beaches and compared them to other houses in the same towns. The results showed that, on average, homes near nudist beaches cost £308,476 compared to a wider local authority district average of £324,450.

This means that living near a nudist beach reduces house prices by approximately 5%. Of the 39 nudist beach postcodes analysed, 25 had a below-average house price when compared to the wider local area. The YO11 postcode area, which is home to Cayton Bay’s nudist beach near Scarborough, was found to be the worst affected area, with an average house price of £152,187 being around £131,500 below the wider North Yorkshire average of £283,687 – a reduction of 46%. However, some nudist beaches, such as Moor Sands in Devon, were found to command significant house price premiums, with an average price of £739,455 being 89% higher than the wider South Hams area average of £392,055.

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