Blueshift Appointed as Official Thermal Protection Provider for Lilium’s Groundbreaking eVTOL Aircraft

Lilium, the pioneer in all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jets, has chosen Blueshift as the official provider of thermal protection systems (TPS) for its inaugural series of production aircraft.

Under this partnership, Blueshift will deliver its cutting-edge AeroZero® TPS, tailored to integrate seamlessly with Lilium’s battery configuration, aiming to avert burn through and diminish the hazard of thermal runaway propagation.

Tim Burbey, President at Blueshift, expressed his enthusiasm: “We’re thrilled to announce our newfound partnership with Lilium – a leader in the eVTOL aircraft industry. We are supplying our AeroZero® TPS, which provides key protection to Lilium’s core battery components and will help ensure seamless operation of their aircraft.

“We’re looking forward to working with the team at Lilium in protecting their battery packs and other critical areas within their aircraft. Our partnership will prove the incomparable benefits of our technology in promoting a more sustainable method of transportation.”

Blueshift’s solution is adept at safeguarding carbon fibre composites and slender metallic components including aluminium, titanium, and steel. All products from Blueshift are flame retardant, under 1.5mm in thickness, and boast minimal thermal conductivity and diffusivity.

The primary uses encompass direct flame and thermal defence for batteries and their casings, composite enclosures, structural dividers, alongside aiding in the prevention of fire spread due to thermal runaway in high-energy-density batteries.

Blueshift’s innovations are under review and being incorporated across various sections within battery assemblies, battery casings, external aircraft skin/wing protection, among other facets of eVTOLs and electrically powered aircraft.

The Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet, Lilium’s initial model, is designed to transport four passengers comfortably, with anticipated direct flights up to 175 km at a speed of 250 km/h upon launch. The inaugural manned voyage of the Lilium Jet is slated for late 2024, with service commencement anticipated in 2026.

Martin Schuebel, Lilium’s Senior Vice President Procurement, commented: “Blueshift’s thermal protection system is light, thin and easy to incorporate into our strict design requirements, while producing exceptional thermal results.”

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