IBSA UK Introduces Cutting-edge Solutions for Musculoskeletal Disorders in Britain

IBSA UK, a subsidiary of the global healthcare innovator IBSA Group, is delighted to unveil a new series of products aimed at musculoskeletal disorders, emphasising the management of Osteoarthritis through the introduction of SINOVIAL®.

This revolutionary step in viscosupplementation offers alternatives to bridge the existing care gap in osteoarthritis between conservative treatments and surgical interventions.

The SINOVIAL® line is distinguished by its innovative formula, combining the latest proprietary technology with current scientific advancements in viscosupplementation, thereby improving the lives of roughly 10 million arthritis sufferers in the UK. IBSA’s dedication to extensive research and development has resulted in a product line that sets new standards for efficiency and patient contentment.

Notable Attributes of the SINOVIAL® Collection:

  • Innovative Composition: SINOVIAL® integrates a unique blend of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid or sodium chondroitin, interconnected via hydrogen bonds using patented NAHYCO® technology. This composition ensures superior joint lubrication and support at elevated concentrations.
  • Ideal Viscosity: Thanks to the NAHYCO® technology, SINOVIAL® boasts a formulation that allows for smooth injections and prolonged patient comfort.
  • Synovial Fluid Simulation: By imitating the shock-absorbing and lubricating properties of natural synovial fluid, SINOVIAL® offers extended joint protection and alleviates pain, providing long-lasting relief to those battling osteoarthritis.

Dr. Charlotte Fairweather, Medical Director at IBSA UK, remarked, “The Sinovial range is a leap forward in addressing the unmet needs of patient suffering with osteoarthritis, providing them with increased comfort and mobility. This unique formulation will provide an additional non-pharmacological management option for healthcare providers.”

Kirsty Walker, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner at IBSA UK, noted, “The Sinovial range is an exciting development for both patients and clinicians managing osteoarthritis in the U.K. The formulation of Sinovial products provides greater opportunity for people to exercise with osteoarthritis with less pain and improved mobility, which could keep their joint healthier for longer.”

For further details on the SINOVIAL® range and IBSA UK, please visit www.sinovial.co.uk.

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