Decline in Employee Sleep Quality Linked to Reduced Productivity, with Only 19% Reporting Satisfactory Rest

Champion Health‘s recent survey among 4,300 employees in the UK uncovers a concerning trend: a third of employees perceive their sleep quality as lacking, while under one in five (19%) rate their sleep as good or excellent.

This represents a notable decline from the previous year’s findings, stressing the adverse impact of deteriorating sleep quality on both employee performance and overall health.

The 2024 Workplace Health Report from Champion Health, which utilises vast data collections, delves into the state of the nation’s mental and physical well-being.

Fatigue is pinpointed as a significant impediment to productivity, with 61% of professionals identifying it as their principal concern, exceeding the 32% who cite high stress. Alarmingly, 70% of the workforce considers their productivity to be average or subpar.

The report also notes a reduction in vitality, with 48% of those surveyed reporting feelings of exhaustion.

Moreover, the peak of employee energy is observed at 10:18 am, with a notable slump at 3:28 pm.

The challenges related to sleep among employees are further exposed, with nearly half (47%) waking up frequently during the night and over a third (35%) finding it difficult to fall asleep.

Harry Bliss, Champion Health’s CEO, voiced his concerns, saying:

“The data from our Workplace Health Report 2024 underscores the urgent need for organisations to prioritise employee wellbeing beyond just mental and physical health – which sleep significantly impacts. Poor sleep quality is not only affecting individual health but is also a detriment to overall workplace productivity and energy levels.”

Bliss continued, stressing the importance of proactive leadership:

“As leaders, it is crucial that we address the root causes of sleep-related issues and implement strategies that foster a healthier and more balanced work environment, leading to improved sleep quality. Investing in employee wellbeing is an investment in the success and sustainability of our organisations.”

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