The Price of AI: Manchester Video Production Experts Caution Against Its Use

A Manchester-based video production company is raising concerns about the use of generative AI in branding videos, and they have valid reasons to do so.

AI has been making waves in recent headlines, particularly since the launch of OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, in November 2022. With more advanced tools hitting the web, the creative industry has not been immune to the allure of these generative AI tools. These tools claim to generate original and engaging content based on just a few words. Even industry giants like Adobe have ventured into creating AI-based tools to simplify video production, and their latest “revolutionary” Firefly Software seems to be causing quite a stir.

However, video production experts Eight Engines are questioning the influx of AI in the industry.

“While AI is an exciting development with many possible applications, it simply cannot replace human creativity and emotion. Emotion is the driving force behind sales, brand image, and evoking reactions. This is precisely why video marketing yields such a high return on investment,” stated Jack, the director of Eight Engines and a video production expert in Manchester.

In fact, a report by the University of Southern California underscores the significance of emotion in video production. The research reveals that emotional video advertisements achieve success rates of 31%, while only 16% of rational content results in a purchase.

Emotion plays a crucial role in effective video production, as the most memorable videos are those that elicit an emotional response from viewers. Unfortunately, conveying emotion is an aspect that AI currently struggles with (or rather, hasn’t mastered yet).

Current AI tools, including ChatGPT, have limited comprehension of human emotion, and as a result, they fail to convey any form of feeling. The output from these tools is often cold, devoid of emotion, and quite frankly… robotic.

Eight Engines also highlights the lack of originality in AI-generated video production.

“AI videos lack originality and quality. Tools like DALL.E require substantial human input before they can generate something remotely realistic. Frequently, the resulting videos are choppy and resemble picture flip-books. AI still has a long way to go before it can compete with the high quality of videos produced by skilled humans.”

And they are right. AI cannot create truly original content. These tools are trained on hundreds of examples of art produced by humans and can only reimagine these existing pieces. As a result, the output lacks originality, leading to uninspired and flat results in video production.

For now, it seems that incorporating AI into video production may not be a wise decision.

However, Eight Engines offers a solution.

They specialise in delivering genuine, high-quality video production in Manchester and the surrounding areas. Their friendly team can assist clients in developing original ideas and produce videos to the highest standards, ensuring that the branding truly reflects the essence of their company.

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