Companion Stairlifts Unveils Insight into the Accessibility of UK Theme Parks

Companion Stairlifts has recently published a study examining the accessibility of all theme parks across the UK. The research delved into the facilities provided by each theme park and assessed the number of wheelchair-accessible rides available for visitors with limited mobility.

The study’s findings highlight both the presence of disabled-friendly theme parks in the UK and the areas where improvements can be made to enhance the experience for visitors with limited mobility. Notably, several parks would benefit from making accessibility information more readily available to the public, as some parks currently lack any such information altogether.

According to the study, Brighton Pier, Drusillas Park, and Crealy Theme Park & Resort emerged as the only theme parks where every ride is accessible to wheelchair users. These parks have taken commendable steps to ensure inclusivity and provide an enjoyable experience for individuals with limited mobility.

For a more comprehensive analysis and detailed findings, interested readers can access the full article here

Companion Stairlifts’ study sheds light on the accessibility landscape of UK theme parks, offering valuable insights to both park operators and visitors alike. The aim is to encourage continuous improvements in accessibility measures, ensuring that individuals of all abilities can fully enjoy the excitement and entertainment these parks have to offer.

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