Mapping Global Vaping Laws: A Comprehensive Analysis of Regulations in 200 Countries

Aftermath of Australia’s recent crackdown on recreational vaping,MIST UK Electronics, a leading UK vape brand and retailer, has unveiled a comprehensive analysis of vaping laws worldwide, revealing a diverse landscape of regulations in 200 countries. The study highlights the complex and often inconsistent nature of vaping laws, ranging from complete bans to light restrictions and unregulated markets.

Key Findings

The study found that vaping is outright illegal in 35 countries (17.5%), while it is allowed with restrictions in 83 countries (41.5%). Only 20 countries (10%) allow vaping without any restrictions. 62 countries (31%) have unclear vaping laws, underscoring the widespread confusion and inconsistency in vaping regulations globally. Taiwan imposes the heaviest penalty for importers, manufacturers, and sellers of e-cigarettes, with fines reaching up to USD 1.65 million. 48 countries (24%) impose a fine or imprisonment for violating vaping laws, highlighting the severe consequences of non-compliance in certain jurisdictions. 23 countries (11.5%) have banned flavored vapes. For UK holidaymakers who vape, it’s crucial to note that some popular travel destinations, including Mexico, Indonesia, and Thailand, have completely banned vaping.


Fred Cassman, CEO of MIST UK, stated, “Our data analysis sheds light on the global landscape of vaping laws, an area often filled with confusion and inconsistency. We regularly receive queries from our customers about where they are allowed to bring their vape on holiday, which underscores the need for clear information. It’s evident that vaping regulation is a complex issue with a wide spectrum of approaches across different countries.”

Cassman remains hopeful for the future of vaping regulations, saying, “I anticipate a gradual move towards more standardised and balanced regulations as countries learn from each other’s experiences and as further research informs policy decisions.”


The data was meticulously collected by analysing information from government websites, organisations, credible news sites, and studies. The information was categorised based on the legal status and various restriction categories, with notes and sources added for further reference.

Interactive Map

MIST UK has prepared an interactive map to visually represent the global vaping regulations. The map allows users to explore the diverse vaping laws in different countries.

About MIST UK Electronics

Established in 2011, MIST Electronic Cigarettes LTD is a leading vape supplier based in Brighton, UK. The company is dedicated to providing quality vaping products and advocating for fair vaping legislation. MIST believes in the potential of vaping to offer a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco products and strives to keep its customers informed about the latest developments in the vaping world.


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