Demand for Car Security Surges, as Theft Levels Continue to Rise

– As searches for ‘steering wheel lock’ are up by 83% this year, the experts at Bristol Street Motors offer anti-theft guidance

With car theft rising by 29 per cent last year, and experts predicting a continued increase in 2023, interest in car security measures among British drivers has surged.

Bristol Street Motors has spotted that searches for ‘steering wheel locks’ are up a staggering 83 per cent compared to this time last year, while 50 per cent more users are searching for guidance on the ‘best steering wheel lock’. Furthermore, searches for ‘car alarm’ have increased by 23 per cent.

In light of this growing concern among motorists for their car’s safety, Bristol Street Motors are urging drivers to take precautions to help mitigate the risk of theft.

The experts at Bristol Street Motors explain:

“Given the concerning statistics about car theft in the UK, and the ongoing financial squeeze many are experiencing, it is no surprise drivers are becoming increasingly vigilant about their vehicles.

“While it is best to park your vehicle in a garage, many drivers in the UK simply do not have access to such facilities. As a result, we recommend looking for other ways to deter any potential theft.

“A steering wheel lock is well worth the investment, for example. These mechanical devices may remind drivers of decades gone by, but they are in fact one of the most effective deterrents to have in your car. Not only are they off-putting to thieves looking for an easy mark, but a good quality lock is pretty much impossible to forcibly remove.

“For those with keyless cars, read the manual to see if you can turn the key fob off when not in use. If this isn’t possible or easy to implement, then make sure to purchase a signal-blocking bag or wallet. These bags work by blocking electromagnetic waves, meaning your car key’s signal isn’t at risk of being picked up by the technology of sophisticated car thefts.”

To find out more about how to care for your car on the road, as well as any motoring insights, head over to the Bristol Street Motors website.

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