Personalised number plate could be perfect Father’s Day gift idea under £40

TELFORD, UK, May 31, 2023 – personalised number plate from £39 could make the perfect gift for Father’s Day this year, a car expert has said.
Jon Kirkbright, sales director at Private Number Plates, specialises in buying and selling private registration plates. His business has been trading for 11 years and currently has over 56 million personalised number plates for sale.
The car expert says that Private Number Plates prides itself on being an affordable number plate supplier, with plates for sale starting from just £39 plus VAT and transfer fee.
Father’s Day is set to fall on June 18 this year, with Jon suggesting that a private registration plate could prove to be the perfect gift for a loved one.
He said: “Around 25% of our customers are purchasing plates for a third party. We often find that people purchase them for special occasions such as Christmas or birthdays.
“Buying a private plate for events like Father’s Day could be the answer to finding the perfect gift. Some families have multiple children who could all put together to get their loved one an amazing present.”
A Father’s Day buyers survey by Create Gift Love found that almost half (44%) of shoppers budget up to £30 for gifts. Personalised presents were found to be one of the five most popular gift categories for the occasion.
The survey also found that 78% of people admitted to finding it difficult to come up with a gift idea for their father. Jon insists that a private number plate would be a thoughtful – and personal – gift idea that any parent would be delighted to receive.
He added: “We also offer a transfer service which means that we can arrange for the number plate to be valid on the vehicle from a given date, for example June 18.
“We also arrange for physical number plates to be delivered to your door, meaning that only a simple swap needs to be made before the new number plate is proudly displayed on the car and ready to use.”
Gift givers looking to purchase private number plates will likely be looking for plates which resemble names, initials or words that are meaningful – as well as numbers which correlate with special events such as birthdays.
While Private Number Plates does have a huge selection of number plates available to purchase today, Jon says that the company also has a plate alert system in place which can help to locate a particular number plate if needed.
He added: “If customers cannot find what they are looking for, they can inform us of their specifications and we can notify them if it becomes available.
“We are also able to get any number plate to auction from the DVLA, as long as it is legal and has never been issued before.”
Not only is the number plate a thoughtful present, but it could also prove to be an investment if the recipient was ever to decide to part with it.
Jon explained: “I always say that every three to five years, private number plates should double in value. Buying a private plate is a really good investment opportunity.”
Private Number Plates offers a free registration valuation service that can be completed hassle-free online.
The expert added: “We review 250 requests each day and provide the customer with the price we would offer to stock it as well as the price that they should expect for retail.”
For more information or help with purchasing a private number plate – or selling one – visit Private Number Plates. Alternatively, you could contact them on Facebook.

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