Global Brand Leaders Praise the Profound Impact of “Rule the World” as Audiobook Launches

The highly acclaimed book “Rule the World: Master the Power of Storytelling to Inspire, Influence, and Succeed” by award-winning film producer and agency owner Paul Furlong, has now been released as an audiobook on Amazon, bringing its powerful insights and expertise to a wider audience.

In today’s competitive business landscape, the ability to tell a compelling story has emerged as the ultimate tool for success. Furlong’s groundbreaking book delves into the heart of this truth, highlighting that inspirational leaders, influential marketers, and outstanding salespeople all thrive due to their skilful use of captivating narratives.

Available through Amazon, Kindle, W.H. Smith, Waterstones, and all other good bookstores, “Rule the World” takes listeners on a transformative journey, offering a comprehensive guide for individuals and businesses seeking to develop the art and craft of storytelling to drive genuine success.

Paul Furlong, the mastermind behind “Rule the World,” has drawn on his diverse career experiences, including film and TV, sales and marketing, and his corporate role as Creative Director at Opus Media, to craft this transformative guide. With insights shared through seminars, training programmes, podcasts, and publications, Furlong has established himself as a global authority on corporate storytelling.

The book has already received rave reviews from esteemed business leaders, who are eager to share their praise for Furlong’s work:

Graham Weihmiller, Chairman & CEO of BNI, said: “Rule the World is a brilliant revelation for business leaders and communicators. Paul shows how to resonate, engage, and connect with your audience by crafting well-told stories. Your messaging, and ultimately your results, will improve many times over by listening to this audiobook.”

Robert Skrob, CEO of Be Unleavable, added: “Storytelling is the most effective way to persuade anyone. Rule the World is filled with storytelling insights with prompts that invite you to think and communicate using effective stories. The detailed analysis of the many story aspects is unique to this work and would be helpful to anyone growing a vibrant tribe of customers.”

And Roger S. H. Schulman, BAFTA-winning and Oscar-nominated screenwriter of “Shrek,” also praised the work, stating: “Paul understands the power of storytelling and how to use it to maximise business messaging.”

In an age where authentic connections are crucial, “Rule the World” reminds us of the primal force of storytelling to engage and inspire. By offering a wealth of memorable stories, relatable examples, and practical advice, Furlong’s audiobook equips listeners with the tools to shape a powerful narrative that influences, inspires, and drives results.

“Rule the World”, published by Fisher King Publishing, is now available for purchase in print, digital and audio versions. Harness the power of storytelling and take your business to new heights today!

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