Pioneering Bristol Enterprise Elevates Space Industry Diversity and Inclusivity to the Presidential Residence

Inaugurated in 2019, co-founding visionaries Ryan Hill, Richard Joyce, Tom Kelly, and Jack Madley shared a fervent aspiration to cultivate expansion and ingenuity within the cosmic realm by nurturing a pool of prodigious talents. Birthed from an ardor for multiplicity, inclusiveness, and the potential of the cosmos to enhance terrestrial existence, the mandate of EVONA has steered them into the epicenter of this imperative discourse.

The collective received a coveted invitation to the Space STEM Symposium at the White House in Washington, where they eloquently unveiled their blueprint for championing parity within the astral arena, addressing an assemblage of luminaries hailing from diverse sectors.

The resonance of this rendezvous precipitated the summoning of EVONA’s CEO, Tom Kelly, for a subsequent parley and colloquy with luminaries of the Space sector. This significant assembly was graciously hosted by the National Space Council within the venerable precincts of the White House.

Commenting on this splendid occasion, Richard Joyce, co-founder of EVONA, reflected, “Participating in discourse at the White House was a long-sought aspiration for our coterie. The emphasis rested on assimilating the existing and impending requisites of a space-centric STEM workforce. We were accorded the privilege of proffering profound insights and innovative stratagems to surmount the chasm in competencies and foster avant-garde trends within the cosmic sphere.”

“Our odyssey embarked from a modest kitchen table, propelled by the mission to forge a more diverse, equitable, and all-embracing space sector. The fruition of having our vision acknowledged on such an expansive panorama invokes profound gratitude,” articulated EVONA’s co-founder Tom Kelly.

The addition of Tom Kelly, “This initiative does not materialise as a rash response to mere statistics; it emanates from our responsive attunement to the symbiosis with our partner companies, discerning the premium they place upon heterogeneity.”

“They are astutely cognizant that diversity stands as a pivotal impetus for proliferation and novelty. Yet, the cognizance of inclusion’s centrality in actualising this potency remains elusive. The act of integrating purportedly diverse individuals into your workforce merely as perfunctory checkmarks yields naught but transitory engagement, as these constituents fail to engender a sense of belonging or amalgamation within the organisational milieu.”

“The expedition towards fostering and sustaining an authentically diverse cadre necessitates the offering of an environment that evokes pride and elation in their affiliation with the organisation. Our allegiance is resolute in the endeavor to bridge this chasm, auguring a radiant horizon for the evolution of the space industry.”

From its inception, EVONA has transcended the parameters of mere recruitment, delving into the substratum of the historical paucity of diversity within the cosmic domain.

Standing at a staggering 89% in homogeneity and a 72% male predominance, with a mere 2% encompassing individuals with disabilities, the astral domain has long been the subject of censure for its narrow scope of inclusivity. Richard supplemented, “With an overwhelming prevalence of the Caucasian and male demographic, the sector repels a multitude of diverse origins, perspectives, and sagas that could elevate it to newfound heights.”

“At EVONA, we have ensconced ourselves in the mission to revolutionise this narrative. Through the identification and empowerment of fervent candidates, we concentrate exclusively on their acumen, fashioning a stage that often bypasses those who wield exceptional potential within the spatial arena.”

“In tandem with guiding candidates through the labyrinth of interviews and integration, we collaborate with patrons to institute practices of unsullied recruitment and selection.”

Five years since its inception, EVONA has been beckoned to enunciate its stance on cardinal concerns within the space industry – spanning inclusivity, diversity, STEM, and the future of the spatial workforce – to a confluence of worldwide leaders.

Tom appended, “EVONA’s accomplishments thus far augur a propitious harbinger of the achievements within the compass of fledgling and dynamic corporations, armed with a resolute vision and an unwavering commitment to transformative progress. The acknowledgment as the Lloyds Bank New Business of the Year 2021 marks a nascent juncture in our expedition to metamorphose the panorama of the space sector.”

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