Italian Supermodel Ines Trocchia Conquers Hollywood with Audacious Street Performance

In a move that captured the attention of spectators in Los Angeles’ centre, Italian supermodel Ines Trocchia, aged 28, created a social media sensation by parading in nothing more than her lingerie. This striking exhibition saw Ines, clad in a black brassiere, angel wings, and iconic Louboutin shoes, boldly turning Hollywood’s pedestrian crossings into her personal catwalk.

The event, a part of the “angel series” project by acclaimed photographer Henry Jimenez Kerbox, highlighted Ines’ audacity and artistic flair. The bespoke angel wings, crafted to enhance her allure, left bystanders mesmerised as she halted traffic and garnered attention throughout Hollywood.

Ines shared a glimpse of this audacious act with her 1.6 million Instagram followers (@inestrocchia), where the video rapidly became a sensation, garnering over 4.6 million views and triggering a wave of interaction with 239,800 likes and upwards of 1,000 comments.

Ines Trocchia revealed: “Stripping down in the streets, everyone was very curious and excited. Women were very supportive, and men were very attentive. The wings were custom-made to fit me and looked stunning. It was an amazing feeling, and I had so much fun doing it. Working with my body is part of my job, so I am not embarrassed about showing it.”

Ines acknowledged the positive feedback from her audience, recognising the influence of beauty. “I think beauty is definitely a power. Of course, like everything, there is a negative side to it, as people look at you in a more shallow way.”

This eye-catching stunt has earned acclaim from fans and followers, with comments pouring in, such as “Absolutely gorgeous truly stunning,” and “I’m OBSESSED with these wings.” The extensive support highlights the impact of Ines Trocchia’s bold art and beauty portrayal.

Ines also offered encouragement to aspiring models: “To aspiring models, I would advise perseverance. A lot of the time we set our own limits in our head. Do things that make you feel good in your body.”

Ines Trocchia continues to push boundaries, championing self-expression and body positivity in the modelling industry.

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