Shoppers Rush to Buy “In Demand” Kim Jong Un 2024 Calendar for £29.95

Shoppers are flocking to purchase an “in-demand” Kim Jong Un 2024 calendar priced at £29.95. This unusual product features various snapshots of the North Korean leader representing different months of the year.

Kim Jong Un appears to be playfully sticking out his tongue on the front cover. The calendar includes images of the controversial politician laughing and smiling.

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  • January’s page depicts Kim Jong Un looking stern in a leather coat and warm hat beside a soldier.
  • February’s image shows him looking besotted as he holds a red rose.
  • April’s page features the dictator laughing on a bed in a bright pink bedroom.
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  • May’s photo portrays him as “DJ-ing” in what seems to be a photoshopped image.
  • In August, Kim Jong Un is seen peering through binoculars at his desk.
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  • October shows a more serious-looking Kim Jong Un gazing at sea on a boat.
  • The festive-themed December page captures him laughing during his famous meeting with former US President Donald Trump, surrounded by clip-art holly leaves and berries.
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The unofficial calendar has a ring bind designed to hang on walls. It is available in two different sizes, A3 and A4. The smaller A4 prints are priced at £14.95, while the A3 version costs almost double at £29.95.

The calendar is labelled “in demand” on Etsy and is listed as a best-seller. The product is described as an ideal quirky gift for various occasions, and the listing encourages buyers to add humour to events and celebrations with this unique calendar.


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