Pioneering Education & AI Forum at London’s House of Lords with Launch of KEATH, the Teachers’ AI Tool

In a pivotal event at London’s House of Lords, the University of Surrey and, an AI EdTech spinout, are hosting the AI Advancement Forum. This gathering, scheduled for December 15th, brings together top educational and AI professionals from the UK to address the challenges and potential of AI in education. The event promises to lay the foundation for future educational frameworks.

Experts Convening to Discuss AI’s Role in Education

The forum will spotlight the dichotomy of challenges and opportunities AI introduces to education. Attendees include a diverse group of lords, chancellors, ambassadors, and executives from universities and venture capital firms. Distinguished speakers include:

  • Prof. Max Lu, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Surrey
  • The Lord Taylor of Warwick
  • Prof. Katie Normington, Vice-Chancellor of De Montfort University
  • Prof. Manolis Mavrikis, Artificial Intelligence Professor at University College London (UCL)
  • Kevin Ebenezer, Head of Global Recognition, Cambridge University Press and Assessment
  • Dr. Lisa Nelson, Director of Learning, Kaplan

Showcasing KEATH’s EdTech Innovations

The University of Surrey and will use this platform to unveil KEATH’s latest EdTech solutions. KEATH CEO, Joey Lin, a Forbes 30 under 30 alumnus, touts KEATH’s potential to revolutionize assessment. KEATH, designed to accurately mark student assessments, demonstrated a 100% grading accuracy in a trial with 2500 Pearson EPQs. Its founders claim the technology is unique and independent of any existing AGI frameworks.

The Burden of Assessment on Educators

The demand for a solution to alleviate educators’ workload is evident. U.S. surveys reveal teachers spend a median of 54 hours weekly, with a substantial portion dedicated to non-teaching tasks like grading. In the UK, teachers reportedly spend about six hours daily on pupil assessments, translating to significant annual time investment. The issue of overworked educators is highlighted by recent strikes and union actions, prompting a reconsideration of AI’s role in easing this burden.

A New Era in Education with AI Integration

The University of Surrey and are pioneering the integration of AI in education. Early adopters like the University of Southampton and Sunway University, Malaysia, are testament to the effectiveness of these AI solutions. The upcoming event at the House of Lords represents a critical dialogue on AI in education, bringing together leading minds to shape the future of educational methodologies.

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