Coronation Day to feature two performances of adult-only play featuring drag portrayal of Princess Diana

An adult-only show called Diana: The Untold & Untrue Story, featuring a drag performer dressed as the late princess, is set to take place twice during the Coronation of King Charles on Saturday, May 6. The show follows Diana from heaven as she details her life with Charles. Writer and lead star Linus Karp wears a wig of the princess’ iconic side-swept haircut, as well as a range of her famous outfits, including her wedding dress and black revenge dress.

The performance is scheduled to take place at Manchester’s Independent cinema, CULTPEX, and tickets cost £15. It is for over-18s only and has previously sold-out at venues across the UK.

According to the show’s advertisement, Diana: The Untold & Untrue Story is a unique celebration of the “people’s princess”. Combining drag, multimedia, audience interaction, puppetry, and a lot of queer joy, the show promises to be as hilarious as it is tasteless.

The ad reads: “Do you know the story of Diana? Probably. But do you know our story of Diana? We very much doubt it. Join Diana in heaven as she shares the untold and untrue tale of her extraordinary life. A brand new show from harbingers of theatrical chaos Awkward Productions, written and performed by Linus Karp and created with support from Arts Council England.”

Diana: The Untold & Untrue Story has already been nominated for an Off West End Award for Best Cabaret.

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