Over Half of Brits Confess to Making Financial Decisions Based on Their Horoscope

A recent survey of 2,000 adults has revealed that more than half of Brits admit to making financial decisions based on their horoscope. The poll found that 48 percent of respondents are influenced by their star sign’s predictions, with over one-third even making life choices based on this astrological advice.

Interestingly, one in five individuals now rely more on astrology for life guidance than they did prior to 2020. Additionally, nearly a quarter of the respondents feel less in control of their finances now compared to before the pandemic.

The study, commissioned by Barclays, also shed light on the financial confidence of different star signs. Aquarius emerged as the most financially confident, with 42 percent expressing satisfaction with their money management skills, while only 25 percent of Libras felt the same. Virgos were found to be the most likely to meet their financial goals.

The research further revealed that Cancer and Sagittarius were the most optimistic star signs, with 65 percent and 64 percent respectively expressing hope for gaining more control over their finances in 2021.

Astrologer Francesca Oddie commented on the significance of star signs in money management styles, stating that astrology can help individuals understand characteristic traits reflected in their financial decision-making.

With a majority of respondents aiming to gain more control over their finances in 2021, Barclays encourages individuals to take proactive steps. Suggestions include reviewing account statements, discussing finances with trusted individuals or professionals, managing impulsive spending by setting limits or using tools to prevent remote spending, directing savings to a separate account, and setting future financial goals.

It is worth noting that Barclays collaborated with astrologer Francesca Oddie to provide individuals with insights into how their money management styles align with their star signs.

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